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Directions to Sage Hills Acupuncture
Acupuncture in Wenatchee | Sage Hills Acupuncture | Wenatchee Acupuncture

Exterior Photo Sage hills Acupuncture in Wenatchee

Driving Directions from Downtown Wenatchee

  • Turn onto Fifth Street heading west (away from the river)

  • Fifth Street will become No 1 Canyon Road - keep going

  • As you pass the parking area for the Sage Hills Hiking Trail, immediately turn right onto Sage Hills Drive

  • Stay to the right when the road splits

  • Follow Sage Hills Drive to end of the road (there is room to do a U-turn).

  • Sage Hills Acupuncture is the last house on the left side of Sage Hills Drive. It is the round shaped structure at the end of the driveway up the hill.  

  • Park in the carport or on the side of the driveway and enter the clinic through the carport door. 

Sage Hills Acupuncture is conveniently located 8 minutes from the center of downtown Wenatchee

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